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Katy Home Inspections

About Katy, TX Home Inspections

Choosing to live in the suburbs of Katy can be a rewarding lifestyle if you choose the right home. Older neighborhoods like Kelliwood Knottingham Country and Green Trails have spectacular landscaping, but often the aging homes can have worn roofs and older major appliances that should be considered when purchasing your dream home. While newer neighborhoods may not have mature scenery yet, the structures offer more modernized and sturdy building materials with higher efficiency in electrical wiring and plumbing systems. Thouroughness in workmanship is the top concern when buying newer homes as carpentry standards change over time. This demands a closer attention to such issues when considering buying a newer home in Katy. For these reasons, a superior home inspection is needed when buying either a new or older home in Katy, or elsewhere.

Our Katy home inspection reports are among the most thorough and well-documented, complete with plenty of photos and full coverage of the minute details that often make a difference when buying or selling a new or older home. Don't settle for anything less. Ask us how our reports shine above the rest.

Serving Houston, Katy, Cypress,  Cinco Ranch, Jersey Village, Missouri City, Pearland, Spring, Sugar Land, and other locations. Our precise and courteous inspector is well experienced, punctual, and generates the best home inspection report in Katy within 24 hours.

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Give your Katy customers the advantage of reputable and reliable Katy Real Estate Inspection & reporting services. See why more Katy realtors everyday are making the call to us.

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We stand behind our fast and reliable home inspection reports and provide a wide array of relevant associated home repair services.

From termite inspection, structural inspection, pool and spa placement our full array of services a re designed to help improve the quality of your home and it's dollar value.


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Get the report trusted by satisfied consumers in Katy.

Our home inspection services include many services you may not have yet considered , such as termite, plumbing and electrical inspections.

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Katy Home Inspection Issues
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